Vaughn Spann

by Vaughn Spann

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Vaughn Spann

Texts by Maritza M. Lacayo and Mark Rappolt

27 x 21 cm - 10 5/8 x 8 1/4 in
170 pages
Edition of 800
Almine Rech Editions

ISBN: 978-2-930573-35-9

Vaughn Spann (born in 1992 in Florida, USA) devotes his practice to abstraction and figuration as an investigation into space, time and memory. He locates subjects from deeply personal spaces as he reconciles with his body within and out of the studio.

Features texts by Maritza M. Lacayo ‘Haziness of Memory’ and Mark Rappolt ‘The Heat Lets Us Know We’re Alive’.

This book is published in conjunction with Vaughn Spann’s exhibitions ‘The Heat Lets us Know We’re Alive’ held at Almine Rech New York from January 15 to February 22, 2020, and ‘Smoke Signals’, held at Almine Rech Brussels from September 3 to October 10, 2020.

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