Almine Rech Editions

Almine Rech Editions presents catalogs and editions in connection with the gallery's program, featuring a broad collection of new and rare books. By incorporating monographic and institutional publications alongside the gallery's own publications, Almine Rech Editions forms an extensive resource on each of our artists. The physical Shop is based in Brussels and New York - Tribeca, however, our catalogs and selected items can also be found at Almine Rech Paris, London, New York, Shanghai and Monaco.

The books published by Almine Rech are collaborations between artists, estates, photographers, and contributing writers, which are then edited by in-house graphic designers. Our publications aim to enhance the understanding of our artists, documenting their latest works while also serving as a valuable archive of their larger oeuvres. Almine Rech Editions' publications not only support exhibitions but are also the result of independent projects with our artists geared specifically towards advancing their practices. All of our catalogues are limited editions of maximum 1,000 copies each.

To bring attention to its activities, Almine Rech Editions hosts book signings, allowing visitors to meet the artists and obtain signed copies of their publications. We also actively participate in art book fairs, contributing to the vibrant discourse within the art community. Additionally, Almine Rech Editions frequently collaborates with contemporary artists to produce limited-edition prints, multiples and collectibles, broadening the accessibility of their work. These prints capture the essence of the artists' unique styles and make them accessible to a wider audience.