Tom Wesselmann - A Different Kind of Woman

by Tom Wesselmann

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Tom Wesselmann
A Different Kind of Woman

Foreword by Almine Rech, texts by Brenda Schmahmann and Anne Pasternak
28.5 x 24.5 cm - 11 1/4 x 9 5/8 in
144 pages
English / French
Edition of 1000
Almine Rech Editions

ISBN: 978-2-930573-18-2

Tom Wesselmann (1931-2004, born in Cincinnati, USA) became one of the leading American Pop artists of the 1960s, rejecting abstract expressionism in favor of the classical representations of the nude, still life, and landscape. He created collages and assemblages incorporating everyday objects and advertising ephemera in an effort to make images as powerful as the abstract expressionism he admired. He is perhaps best known for his great ‘American Nude’ series with their sensuous forms and intense colors.

Features a foreword by Almine Rech, ‘Reflections on Tom Wesselmann’, an essay by Anne Pasternak, and ‘Tom Wesselmann’s Post-Collage Works: “Acting in the Gap Between Art and Life”’, an essay by Brenda Schmahmann.

Published in conjunction with Tom Wesselmann’s exhibition 'A Different Kind of Woman', held at Almine Rech Paris from October 17 to December 21, 2016. Includes a facsimile of the original catalog published for the occasion of the exhibition ‘New Work by Tom Wesselmann’ held at the Sidney Janis Gallery in 1970.

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