Szabolcs Bozó - Pink Mouse with Hearing Problems Cap

by Szabolcs Bozó


Szabolcs Bozó
Pink Mouse with Hearing Problems

Royal Blue
100% Organic cotton
Velcro fasteners
1 Embroidery in the front
2 Embroideries in the back
Embroidered in France
Limited edition of 200
Created by Almine Rech Editions

Released in conjunction with Szabolcs Bozó's exhibition 'Faces Instead Of Names' held at the Palazzo Cavanis in Venice from July 14 to September 24, 2023.

Szabolcs Bozó’s happy creatures never really look straight at you. Too wrapped up in their own world, they turn their iris-less pupils towards each other, smiling and grinning openly. If they don’t have mouths—as is the case for many of them—they stare with an expression of benign anticipation. And if there’s the vaguest sense that something might not be right—the shadow of a frown, a glance tinged with a hint of anxiety—it is swept away in the generalized euphoria generated by a creature’s many companions; often piled high one atop the other, or wobbling up against each other, or all squished into the confines of a cartoon car (or helicopter), ready to fly off to yet more happiness.

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