Scott Kahn - Monograph

by Scott Kahn

40.00 - 80.00

Scott Kahn

23 × 21 cm
9 × 8.25 in
180 pages
300 illustrations
Poetry by Frederick Kirwin and text by Théo de Luca.
Published by Almine Rech Editions

ISBN: 978-2-930573-44-1

Signed copies available.

Scott Kahn (born 1946 in Springfield, Massachusetts) is an American painter who draws inspiration from life and considers his oeuvre to be a visual diary of the world around him. His subject matter reflects the people and places which he experiences. Drawing from memory and imagination, his work has a dream-like, surreal quality.

Features ‘The Walled City’, a press release by Théo de Luca, poetry by Frederick Kirwin, and ‘Accomplices in Solitude’, an essay by Tom Healy.

This book is published by Almine Rech Editions in conjunction with the exhibitions by Scott Kahn at Almine Rech in 2021 (Paris) and 2022 (New York).

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