pleased to meet you #15 - John Armleder

by John M Armleder


pleased to meet you #15
John Armleder
May 2023

23 x 30 cm
9 x 12 in
80 pages
Text by Jill Gasparina and Julien Fronsacq
English / French
Issue #15
Published by Sémiose

ISBN: 978-2-37739-067-0

Presenting the artist as a rock star sums up the ambition of this luxury fanzine. Monographic, focusing on a single personality per issue, the magazine wishes to offer the most intimate and original approach possible to its subject. The choice of the magazine format, with a structure that is freer and more relaxed than a catalog, is decisive in creating proximity and empathy. The guiding principle of the texts and the layout is to make accessible the universe and the thought that innervates a work.

Is it still necessary to present John Armleder? Internationally recognized, his work is above all an attempt to transform the status of the work of art, both in its perception and its reception. On the occasion of his exhibition at the Musée régional d'art contemporain de Sérignan, Pleased to meet you dedicates an opus to this eternal dandy, whose work, which is willingly multiple and apparently disordered, is part of various practices.

Irony, detachment and apparent indifference are the keys to reading this work, but above all a great jubilation crowns each of the creations.

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