Matthieu Ronsse - Matthieu Ronsse: 2000-2009

by Matthieu Ronsse


Matthieu Ronsse
Matthieu Ronsse: 2000-2009

29,8 x 21 x 2,2 cm
11 3/4 x 8 1/4 x 0 7/8 in
368 pages
368 coloured illustrations
Almine Rech Editions

ISBN : 978-2-930573-02-1

The paintings and installations of Matthieu Ronsse (born in 1981 in Kortrijk, Belgium) are fragments of a painterly discourse where experiment and the joy of creating are central. As long as the artwork is in Ronsse's hands, it remains subject to an ongoing creative process and is thus never perceived as ‘finished’. Even during his exhibitions, transformations are continuously possible. For Ronsse, it is not the final image that is the focal point, but rather the essence of his work lies in the creative process along the way. The painting is simultaneously his palette: it self-reflexively contains the traces of its own production while showing the chance occurrences Ronsse encourages to evince a vigorous energy with his creative process.

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