Kenny Scharf - Jungle Book

by Kenny Scharf


Kenny Scharf
Jungle Book

31 x 23 cm
12 x 9 in
Part of the Art Random series
Published by Kyoto Shoin International

Second hand, good condition

ISBN: 978-4763685452

Kenny Scharf (b. 1958, United States) is a renowned artist affiliated with the 1980’s East Village Art movement in New York. Scharf developed a distinct and uniquely personal artistic style in paintings as well as sculpture, alongside his mentor Andy Warhol, and contemporaries like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring with whom he pioneered contemporary street art. References to popular culture reoccur throughout his works, such as appropriated cartoon characters from the Flintstones and Jetsons, as well as imagined anthropomorphic creatures. Through ecstatic compositions and a dazzling color palette, Scharf presents an immersive viewing experience that is both intimate and fresh.

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