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Image of John McCracken - Rencontres 4

John McCracken - Rencontres 4

John McCracken
Rencontres 4

Text by Frédéric Fournier

24 x 17 cm, 9 1/2 x 6 3/4 inches
32 pages
English / French
Published by Images modernes - Almine Rech Gallery Editions

ISBN: 2-913355-06-4

« I try to make beautiful objects that are strongly material and that at the same time have on otherwordly appearance, like mental visions.»

Although working with the Minimalist theory from the outset, John McCracken (1934-2011) has never denied individual sensibility and the artist’s manual activity in favour of industrial manufacture. Both painting and sculpture, the 'plank', is a wood core, spray painted and cast in colored Polyester resin lacquer. Hand polished by the artist to reach his desired Finish Fetish, the plank is the work that best symbolizes his activity. In his practice, the idea of reflection has an essential place, encompassing the environment by reflecting it, the onlooker becomes aware simultaneously of the space he is in, and the object he is looking at.

Image of John McCracken - Rencontres 4