Jeff Koons - Gazing Ball (Demeter) Tote Bag

by Jeff Koons


Jeff Koons
Gazing Ball (Demeter)
Tote Bag

100% cotton
Hand wash only
43 x 38cm
17 x 15 in

Include a piece of modern art in your life with this wonderful tote bag carrying an image of Jeff Koons’s work titled, "Gazing Ball (Demeter)." The original art piece depicted on the bag is plaster sculpture, hailing from the artist’s Gazing Ball Sculptures series, in which Koons appropriates some of the most famous sculptures in the history of Western Civilization. The replicas he created are equipped with a blue glass ball in which the observer at the same time reflects upon himself as well as the art piece. An allusion to the kitsch ornaments found in the suburbia of his hometown.

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