GRØSS VOL. 4 - Jess Valice

by Jess Valice


GRØSS VOL. 4 - Jess Valice

28 x 21,5 cm
11 x 8 1/2 in
176 pages
Includes 13 removable stickers
Published by GRØSS
Limited edition of 2 000

Cover art: Jess Valice

In VOL. 4: Eyes on the Prize, we journey all the way to the end of the rainbow to confront the mythical pot of gold and/or question its very existence. Our contributors reveal the goals they’re chasing creatively, professionally and personally; their great distractions, great rewards, and what happens when they finally achieve said goals (or not). We focus on focusing, think about thinking and feel every feeling; setting our sights on an existential horizon and riding into the proverbial sunset of our creativity. Join us as we chronicle the emotions, surprises and delights of the road.