César Piette - The Modernist

by César Piette

2,500.00 - 3,025.00

César Piette
The Modernist

Produced by Misha Made
Edition of 200
Height 37 cm

French artist César Piette's use of traditional techniques like monochromatic layers, perspective, light, composition, and pronounced shading connects him to the history of figurative painting. Using an airbrush, his "hyperplastic" images include three-dimensional effects that intersect with design, photography, and advertising. His subjects remain resolutely classical: a nude, a bird, a vanitas.

Although he comes out of the practice of illustration and the world of comics and video games, Piette rejects the influence of digital imagery and sees his work as a construction game. He emphasizes the artificial object and the playful nature of toys and combines them with art historical references, thus brandishing them with a more serious take.

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