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Image of Brent Wadden - About Time

Brent Wadden - About Time

Brent Wadden
About Time

Text by T'ai Smith and Nicolas Trembley

32,1 x 24,5 cm - 12 5/8 x 9 5/8 in
127 pages
Published by Almine Rech, Peres Projects, PACE London and Mitchell-Innes & Nash

ISBN: 9783000508226

Brent Wadden is part of a group artists that have gone against the grain of their own generation and have decided to take their time to make things themselves, in effect rejecting contemporary society’s general state of impatience. While Wadden’s work can be seen as a rejection of Western notions of the immediate, the cheap and of satisfaction, it’s also concerned with the expansion of new forms of painting. In 'About Time', Wadden delves deeper into his reflections on how to straddle the boundaries between craft, fine arts as well as interior design.”

Wadden’s work references both the historical and social constructs of craft and modernism through dialogues between weaving and various modes of modernist art making. Working within the vein of assemblage, Wadden makes paintings by piecing together his hand woven weavings to create large scale, hard-edge geometric abstractions. In contrast to traditional painting, the composition is decided during the final stages of preparation and the use of light and dark create a positive / negative space which shifts between foreground to background.

Image of Brent Wadden - About Time
Image of Brent Wadden - About Time
Image of Brent Wadden - About Time