Angel Vergara - Feuilleton

by Angel Vergara


Angel Vergara

112 pages
French / Flemish
Published by Ludion
ISBN : 9055448524

For a number of years Angel Vergara has been using a wide range of technics including, drawing, video, installation and performance. It is through these means that the artist investigates and opens up the field of painting, exploring its possible evolution in aesthetics as well as treating its sociopolitical aspects. Angel Vergara's starting point is found in everyday life, his art is nourished with the common, the street providing an excellent working space and backdrop to his actions. Working more often than not in the publicspace, time and place are accurately indicated within his paintings, without however being bound in space and time.
The resulting paintings are a perfect but incomplete documentation of a cross breeding that takes place between art and life. And it is in this gap that Vergara's sharp questioning of his era is most effective.

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