Ange Leccia - Rencontres 8

by Ange Leccia


Ange Leccia
Rencontres 8

Text by Eric Troncy and Fabien Danesi

17 x 24 inch
128 pages
Published by Images modernes - Almine Rech Editions

ISBN: 2-913355-27-7

During the 1980s, Ange Leccia (born in 1952 in Minerviu, France) was known for his series of installations, sculptures, or more exactly “arrangements”, using objects, for example light projectors, which he displayed during his first solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris in 1985. Since this recognition, marked by the presentation of his works in numerous exhibitions, he developed his work through installations, videos and photographs, which subjects are “The Elements", women’s face, and the travel log.

Features an introduction by Eric Troncy and ‘En Tension’, a text by Fabien Danesi

Éric Troncy and Fabien Danesi’s texts allow us to get into the heart of Ange Leccia’s work, offering more problematized rather than biographical approaches of his singularity.

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