Ziad Antar - After Images

by Ziad Antar


Ziad Antar
After Images

22 x 26 cm
10 x 8 1/2 in
136 pages
54 colored illustrations, 13 black and white illustrations
Edited by Manal Khader and Nour Salamé
Contributions by Hans Ulrigch Obrist, Yahya Amqassim, Manal Khader, Yasmina Jraissa
Interview by Hans Ulrigch Obrist
Published by Les Presses du Réel

ISBN : 978-9953-0-3554-3

Ziad Antar experiments forms, colors and light with his lensless camera, during a long journey searching for the cities where mythology was born. At the core of his work is the questioning of the foundations of photography, through the destructuration of this art .

Published on the occasion of the exhibition “After Images – Stories from the Mountains of Asir”, Beirut Exhibition Center, from March 1st to March 15, 2016.

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