Richard Prince - It's a Free Concert

by Richard Prince


Richard Prince
It's a Free Concert

Text by Richard Prince, Paul Black, Kerstin Stakemeier

30 x 24 cm
11 3/4 x 9 1/2 in
127 pages
Kunsthaus Bregenz

ISBN: 978-3863355869

Richard Prince's (born 1949) pieces in It's a Free Concert demonstrate the artist's extraordinary range of media usage. This publication focuses on Prince's series of appropriations, while also serving as an overview of the renowned contemporary artist's oeuvre to date.

Prince has been working as an artist since the 1970s; a member of the influential Pictures Generation, he worked alongside other artists to expand the scope of conceptual photography through the use of appropriation and rephotography. Prince takes aim at the vulgar, revealing culture’s indiscretions—misogyny, consumerism, exhibitionism and idealized desire. However, as a critique it is ambiguous in that it is accompanied by an equal dose of sympathy and obsession. He is an avid collector and curator of Americana. In selecting or regroupings images, whether they be rephotographs of advertisements or forged publicity photographs, extracting them from their source, Prince elevates them to the status of fine art. As Robert Rubin writes “He appropriates an era and makes something that resonates differently for different people. The beauty of Richard Prince’s art is that it doesn’t have limits.”