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Image of Peter Peri - New Man (White)
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Peter Peri - New Man (White)

Peter Peri
New Man (White)

Hand Knotted silk carpet
300 x 276 cm - 118 1/8 x 108 5/8 inches
Edition of 6

S2G Design
Almine Rech Gallery Editions


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"The subject of my work could be thought of as dissolution, or more precisely the fetishization of dissolution within Modernity."

A wide range of pictorial references interact in Peter Peri’s work : geometric Modernism, Russian Avant Garde as well as literary and popular science-fiction find echoes in his hybrid two- and three- dimensional compositions. His early painting surfaces could evoke a certain reality of the architectural or engineered surfaces of the external world while, according to Neal Brown, the ones he creates nowadays come closer to those of a graffiti artist. Peri's works produce a specific sense of space and rigor, coupled with pared-down lines and shapes conjoined together, endowing his precise geometric constructions with life and vibrancy.

Image of Peter Peri - New Man (White)
Image of Peter Peri - New Man (White)
Image of Peter Peri - New Man (White)