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Image of John McAllister - Objects and Images in Recent Paintings
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John McAllister - Objects and Images in Recent Paintings

Objects and Images in Recent Paintings

With Texts by Jason E. Smith, Robert Harrist JR and Richard Hawkins.

32 x 25,5 x 0,8 cm - 12 5/8 x 10 x 0 3/8 inches
Edition of 500
Published by James Fuentes, New York, 2017
Printed by The Avery Group Printing

The influences of French masters such as Matisse, Bonnard, or Braque during his fauvist period reveal John McAllister’s obsession with the spectral qualities of light and its capture. The vibrant palette concentrated on a close range of colors (often lavenders, reds and purples) produces a distinctive and luxuriant blast. In his large-scale paintings and panoramas, the dualism of flat picture surface and illusionistic depth upsets traditional perspective. Against backgrounds of geometric or foliate patterns that suggest exotic textiles, ersatz wallpaper or other artworks, each work depicts a still life, landscape or decorative interior often elegant yet bordering on the decadent. Opening a window which is simultaneously poetic and metaphoric, John McAllister is playing both the role of contemporary viewer and artist.