John M Armleder - Wallpaper

by John M Armleder


John M Armleder

Edition of 250 rolls
1000 x 53 cm
393 1/2 x 39 3/8 inches

Co-founder of the Ecart Group (1969) and closely affiliated with the Fluxus movement, visual artist John M Armleder has since the end of the 1960's created a polymorphic body of work which encompasses performance, drawings, sculptures and paintings. Generally characterized by a sense of deep interconnectedness between life and art, and the appropriation of objects and quotes, his work is loaded with a set of influences and references which elude the modernist vernacular as well as any form of classification. Armleder gained international recognition with his Furniture Sculpture series from 1979, bringing together iconic examples of design and paintings to reflect on the trivialization of the artwork as an ornamental accessory. The artist is also recognized for his celebrated series of Pour and Puddle Paintings. "These works, born from his admiration for Larry Poons, and in accord with Armleder's larger practice, do not hide the strategy of their fabrication nor the significance of their own process: conjuring a time liberated from formal constraints, moral obligations, and the conventions of taste and style."

Extract from Stephanie Moisdon, ‘La Bruche du Haricot’, Almine Rech, Brussels, 2015

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