Jeff Koons - Hulk (Friends) Water Bottle

by Jeff Koons


Jeff Koons
Hulk (Friends)
Water Bottle

18/8 premium grade stainless steel
Volume: 500ml
Not safe for dishwasher, freezer and microwave

Feel as strong as the Hulk as you rejuvenate yourself by drinking from this premium grade stainless steel bottle. Be it at home, your car or the office, it's going to be a handy companion, always keeping you hydrated. But of course, it's going to shine the best if you take it to the gym with you, so it can help you Hulk up! The special insulation on the bottle keeps it from “sweating” in your hands or bag, preventing your things from getting wet. The Hulk that appears on the bottle is in its original form a 1.8m tall polychromed bronze sculpture, created by the world-renowned artist Jeff Koons. The work imitates an inflatable toy to an astounding degree, which is characteristic for Koons, as inflatables have been an integral part of his artistic career since the 70s.

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