Jean-Baptiste Bernadet - Studies for Sunsets

by Jean-Baptiste Bernadet


Jean-Baptiste Bernadet - Studies for Sunsets

Texts by Alex Bacon

24 x 20 cm
96 pages
Published by Karma

ISBN 10: 1938560795
ISBN 13: 9781938560798

"The flag and the Sunset: in the incessantly, flowing, morphing, and convulsing sea of images we encounter on a daily basis as citizens of the twenty-first century, these are two of the most conventional and familiar."

Chronicling the appearance of flags and sunsets in the artwork of Frederic Edwin Church, through the Impressionist and Pop Movements, to the present day - including Bernadet's own series of sunset paintings (A direct reference to Church) - studies for sunsets looks at the relationship of the two familiar images and how their combination creates a unique significatory instability in the artist's work.

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