Gregor Hildebrandt - ...und doch lässt etwas Kirschen blühen im April

by Gregor Hildebrandt


Gregor Hildebrandt
...und doch lässt etwas Kirschen blühen im April

15,5 x 25 cm
6 x 10 in
127 pages
80 color plates
Texts by Heinz Stahlhut and Frank-Thorsten Moll
Published by Argobooks

ISBN: 978-3-941560-19-2

The use of audio cassette and video tape is characteristic for Gregor Hildebrandt’s work. The artist is not only interested in the specific materiality, but also in the texture of the audiotape as a storage medium for music. Including the multifaceted cosmos of Hildebrandt’s references into music, film, literature and the history of art, his work appears as a complex collage of figurative associations. Hildebrandt avails of his everyday’s reality and uses this as a material without any aesthetic-theoretical barriers. In this process, he connects aspects of Conceptual and Minimal Art with personal life and the experience of pop culture.

The catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibitions ...und doch lässt etwas Kirschen blühen im April, Vattenfall Europe Mining & Generation, Cottbus, and Der Himmel im Raum, Berlinische Galerie, Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur.

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