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Image of Damien Hirst - Aurous Iodide
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Damien Hirst - Aurous Iodide

Damien Hirst
Aurous Iodide

Silkscreen print with gold glitter
95 x 76 x 4 cm (framed)
37 3/8 x 29 7/8 x 1 5/8 inches (framed)
Ed 116/150

Signed and numbered


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Forty-eight spots featuring a wide array of colors, Aurous Iodide has a gold glitter textured background. The title of this work refers to a chemical compound containing the elements gold and iodine that exists as a lemon-yellow powder. It is in these series, according to Hirst, he discovered one of the most fundamental things in art - the harmony of where colour can exist on its own, interacting with other colors in a perfect format.

Image of Damien Hirst - Aurous Iodide