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Image of Chris Succo - Zed
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Chris Succo - Zed

Chris Succo

Silkscreen ink on skateboard 
Manufactured by Pennswood in the USA
81,3 x 21,3 cm
32 x 8,4 inches
Limited edition of 200


German artist Chris Succo works in a variety of materials and processes, creating paintings made by spray painting lacquer and oil on canvas using a minimalist palette largely comprised of matte black and white. Succo’s ZigZag Paintings resemble writing or calligraphy, a characteristic that evinces the significant influences of poetry and music in his work. For one of his best known series, the White Paintings, the painting background is partially obscured by gestural layers of white oil paint, allowing flashes of colour to shine through. Creating also silkscreened collages on canvas or sculptures with mild steel, mesh, or boxing equipment, Succo writes a storyline from one work to another that shares a quest of individuality within the elements of expression and refinement of forms and techniques.

Image of Chris Succo - Zed
Image of Chris Succo - Zed