César Piette - NFTs on Foundation

by César Piette

2,500.00 / Sold Out

Almine Rech Editions is pleased to present a first-time collaboration between Foundation and contemporary artist César Piette. In conjunction with Piette's first solo exhibition with the gallery, running from September 2 to 25 at Almine Rech London, the artist will be launching NFTs offering the 3D modelling software files as original sketches.⁣

Four unique editions of NFTs by César Piette will launch through the Foundation platform on September 4, at 3 PM EST - images will be revealed in the coming days on https://foundation.app/@alminerech.

'Self-portrait with airbrush' by César Piette is a prime example of the artist’s oeuvre. In this work, Piette is seen applying paint to canvas through an airbrush, a technique in which the artist’s hand is irreplaceable, yet at the same time not physically touching the surface of the work.⁣