by Brian Calvin

1,000.00 / Sold Out

Almine Rech Editions is pleased to present a first-time collaboration with Foundation and contemporary artist Brian Calvin. Two animated NFTs by the artist will launch through the Foundation platform on May 8 at 3 PM EST.

To view the NFTs and register to bid, connect via this link


Screen Test (Despina) and Screen Test (Pearl) both begin with one of my own previously finished paintings, which are themselves imaginary portraits.

I don’t work from models or photographs. I typically start with a detail—an eye, or a mouth, and then just work out from there. In some ways, I’m free associating with details from every painting I’ve ever come across, and every person I’ve ever seen. I paint things in, and then paint them out. At a certain point, details start to coalesce, and I start to sense something resonating underneath that sparks my soul. Screen Test (Pearl) was originally a painting I made this way in 2016. Screen Test (Despina) was a painting that I made when I was invited to install paintings during a production of Così fan tutte at the Metropolitan Opera in 2018. Neither Pearl nor Despina are a representation of an actual person, but by the time the paintings were finished the figures felt like real people to me.

- Brian Calvin

For inquiries, please contact [email protected]