Atelier van Lieshout - New Tribal Labyrinth


Atelier van Lieshout
New Tribal Labyrinth

27 x 21 cm
10 1/2 x 8 1/2 in
214 pages
Written by Dominic van den Boogerd and Tom Morton
Graphic design by Sebastiaan Brandsen
Published by Frame Publishers

ISBN: 978-94-91727-29-0

New Tribal Labyrinth offers a survey of works from the eponymous on-going project by Atelier van Lieshout (AVL).

The project New Tribal Labyrinth reflects on our extremely advanced and complex society, in which over-consumption and limited raw materials play a crucial role. In AVL's vision, this will lead to conflict and the subsequent emergence of a new world order, with groups of people organising themselves in tribes instead of nation-states. This new tribal world will see a return to farming and industry – which currently both have been banished from our society – and a re-establishment of our relationship with materials which now has been lost.

The book – published in collaboration with GRIMM gallery – is richly illustrated showcasing not only the finished works of the artist but also how some of the pieces were made by van Lieshout and his team in their Rotterdam studio.