Alex Israel - Freeway LA Rays

by Alex Israel

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Freeway LA Rays
Alex israel
Freeway Sunglasses

Acetate frames
100 % UV protective lenses
available in brown and grey


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Freeway Eyewear unveiled its initial six luxury sunglass styles in the Spring of 2010. Named for the network of asphalt arteries that are both cause and effect of the rhizomatic sprawl of Southern California, each of five styles is numbered after an iconic Los Angeles route: 1–Pacific Coast Highway, 10–Santa Monica Freeway, Interstate 15, 101–King's Highway (or El Camino Real), 110–Harbor Freeway, and 405–San Diego Freeway. The sixth style in the collection, L.A. RAYS, appropriates the name of a sunglass label that flourished in Laguna Beach in the early and mid–1990s.

Freeway sunglasses are made for international shipping magnates, lithe gamines, American gigolos, blonde bombshells, ladies-who-lunch, country-club tennis pros, martyred grunge rockers, post-modern architects, Bat-Mitzvah tutors, out-of-work actors, psychic friends and you; Seeing is believing.
—Alex Israel, Founder

Drawing on Southern California's regional creative history, the Freeway logo design was commissioned from legendary graphic designer John Van Hamersveld (The Endless Summer movie poster, The Magical Mystery Tour album cover, JimmyZ and Gotcha logos), and famed cult photographer Anthony Friedkin (Dogtown & Z–Boys) shot the company's first campaign in his requisite black and white 35mm film.

The unisex collection interprets classic sunglass styles, past and just-passed, in the spirit of Southern Californian life—the landscape, climate, ethos and aesthetics that define the region. Driving on a lonely stretch of desert highway, sheltered beneath the cavernous bluffs of El Matador State Beach, when you don't want to be seen and especially when you do, Freeway Eyewear's sunglasses are yours to wear—the sturdy hand-carved acetate frames and 100% UV protective-lenses will hide your lying eyes and indulge your California dreamin' 365 sunny days a year. Whether you are feeling glossy or matte, black, white or gray, there is a Freeway texture-colorway to fit your mood and complement your style.

The Freeway Eyewear collection prototypes are featured in the video artwork Rough Winds

Freeway Eyewear Founder Alex Israel is an artist and writer living in Los Angeles.