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Xylor Jane


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Xylor Jane

Essay by Trinie Dalton

64 pages
9.5 x 9.5 inches
Published by Picturebox
ISBN : 9780982094785

This is the first book dedicated to the work of American artist Xylor Jane (born 1963), whose latest body of work consists of hypnotic, grid-based paintings, using dab-by-dab painting technique rooted in mathematical concepts and numerology. This volume reproduces 28 of her finest paintings and contains an introduction by author Trinie Dalton.

"Her hopes for the viewing experience are independent of subject matter, more sensational and perceptual. A list of these includes, 'that people will have unusual thoughts while looking, that they will hear aloud inside their heads weird voices, that their brains will get a kneading/massage as they try to nail down space and color, that the painting will aggress into their space... be a mind mirror with a soundtrack.' Still, even this list has the uncanny feeling of litany, a focused intention. Are Jane's paintings prayers of sorts, products of repetitive exercises in geometry that document her time clocked while musing upon mortality and divinity? Or should the themes treated in these two bodies of work be considered purely as frameworks, like her grids, that provoke infinite, textile-like pattern variation?
Glancing back at the history of puzzles in conjunction with math's importance in Xylor Jane's paintings provides clues to these questions, and more importantly reveals the artist’s sense of humor and intrigue. Jane thinks of math as a second language, and considers herself a 'translator, and I cannot contain my zeal for all that is numeric. If I had a better handle on English I might consider myself bilingual.'"
- Trinie Dalton, excerpted from What is a Rainbow? in Xylor Jane.