• Image of László Moholy-Nagy - Future Present
  • Image of László Moholy-Nagy - Future Present

László Moholy-Nagy - Future Present


László Moholy-Nagy
Future Present

Texts by Matthew S. Witkovsky, Carol S. Eliel and Karole P. B. Vall

30,5 x 23 cm, 12 x 9 inches
324 pages
Published by the Guggenheim Museum

This exceptional book offers a fresh and extensive examination of the work of pioneering artist László Moholy-Nagy (1894–1946). The first major American survey of his oeuvre in nearly a half century and the most extensive English-language book on the artist in thirty years, the catalogue offers an integrated presentation of Moholy’s production across a range of art forms including painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, film, advertising, and theater.

Over 300 works are illustrated in color, including the artist’s early paintings and photograms, his whimsical photomontages—all of which are reproduced together here for the first time—and late works in Plexiglas. Distinguished scholars offer new insights into Moholy's materials and working methods; the relation among writing, administration, and art making in his practice; and his influence on contemporary art. Particular emphasis is given to Moholy's American years and his leadership of the Chicago Bauhaus as well as his reception as a painter.

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