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Johannes Kahrs - Rencontres 3

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Image of Johannes Kahrs - Rencontres 3
  • Image of Johannes Kahrs - Rencontres 3

Johannes Kahrs
Rencontres 3

17 x 24 cm, 6 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches
34 pages
English / French
Published by Images modernes - Almine Rech Gallery Editions

ISBN: 9782913355057

The work of Johannes Kahrs confronts us with images that are difficult to place at first sight. 
In tactilely translated fragments, we can find references to politics, religion, history, media and more personal (or private) subjects. By means of Kahrs' specific pictorial treatment, the subject matter is infused with an intensified form of corporality, sensuality that threatens to break into fever. In the most recent work, there often is an almost fetishistic focus on body parts, like hands, legs, lips and torsos. The recognizable aesthetics of Kahrs' work fills the image with a sense of arousal, or infection. The colours, which resemble more or less the spectrum of a bruise, contribute to the rather obscure implications of the image. These implications never become a real theme; the paintings of Kahrs remain speculative in their apparent sense of physical and emotional doom. As if true beauty has a natural ally in concealed disease, implicated nausea, emotional instability and the futile attempt to take a legitimate position towards the visual output of contemporary society. (Gerrit Vermeiren)