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Damien Cadio - Forteresse


Image of Damien Cadio - Forteresse
  • Image of Damien Cadio - Forteresse

Damien Cadio, Forteresse, 2009

Texts by Eric Corne, Thibault de Ruyter, Sophie Kaplan

21 X 14,8 cm - 8 1/4 x 5 7/8 inches
112 pages
Published by Crac Alsace & Almine Rech Gallery

ISBN 2-911660-18-8

This book is published is published in conjunction with the exhibition Bertille Bak - Damien Cadio, Passage à faune, held at CRAC Alsace from October 11th to January 3rd, 2010.

"In scenes imbued with the unexpected, Damien Cadio’s painting confronts the eye with seemingly concrete spaces simultaneously occupied by the imaginative and a fear of the imagination. Meticulously, he works as if furnishing a child’s cabin, a theatre or a cemetery - but with images. As image, as resurgent heteropia and dissembling of death, his painting captures the moment, indexes the real and pins down the isness of each work in its decontextualisation. Thus does Cadio define kinds of counter-sites, places neither recognisable nor truly locatable in which are revealed living things, landscapes and objects from the outer reaches of the human and the animal. His painting homes in on the indefinable, brushes over it in a disclosing of reality as surreal. Its subjects - found material from the Internet, newspaper photographs, mental images, scenes plucked from some chance urban encounter - are reframed to that breaking point where their immediate intelligibility is lost and the elusive is made plain. Here is a replaying of an endlessly primal scene in which, amid imitations of the familiar, something takes place."

- Eric Corne, ‘When I’m painting, I always think about a duck’